2010 Ford Flex FWD Limited

Merry Christmas to Us! Yesterday we leased a brand new Ford Flex from Sunrise Ford in North Hollywood. We originally tried to lease the car from Sunset Ford in Westminster but after a number of frustrating calls with them we decided to talk to a different dealer. The sad part about this is that there is no negotiating the price of the vehicle since Kathy’s dad is an ex-Ford Aerospace employee. This should have been a quick and easy sale. It just seems like the people at Sunset didn’t know what they were doing or just didn’t want to sell a car. We called Sunrise Ford because this was the dealer that actually had the car we wanted on the lot. Kathy spoke to Ron Spencer who gave us a lease and purchase quote over the phone within 10 minutes. In fact we were able to do the complete transaction via phone and fax which is in contrast to dealing with Sunset Ford which kept asking for us to come down and talk. We were all ready to drive up to Hollywood and pick up the car when Ron called back and asked if we would like him to deliver the car to our home. Keep in mind this was Christmas Eve! Sunset Ford needs to take lessons fron Sunrise Ford in customer service. It is issues like this that will keep certain dealers in business where others fail.

Geek me up: This vehicle has some really outstanding features like an onboard refrigerator and 4 moon roofs.  Our car seats 6 and comes with Ford Sync powered by Microsoft.  Ford Sync integrates seamlessly with my iPhone allowing me to listen to anything on my phone using simple voice commands.  Using the built-in SIRIUS Travel Link I can get GPS guided map navigation with access to real time traffic conditions, current weather, sports scores, gas station rates, close-by restaurants and even the ability to email me a vehicle heath report or send me an SMS if something needs immediate attention. It comes with a USB port, 110V power port, numerous car power ports and an aux audio in port.